Marchen Art Studio’s Macramé Pattern Book

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: How’s this for a different style of craft book? This is macramé, and it shows some beautiful work. Let’s see what it has to offer us.

Story Telling: This book was designed for beginners (like me), with a few tips and patterns that might attract even the masters of the craft.

Likes: You’ll never look at the friendship bracelets, that girls make for each other, the same way again. It turns out that those are just one of the basic patterns for this craft. The translators took their time on this book. There didn’t seem to be anything left out during the process.

Dislikes: The only problem that I have is with one of the basics of the craft itself. You work macramé projects with a chart pattern. If you have a hard time reading charts, then you’ll have a hard time getting used to this craft.

Favorite Patterns: I really liked the handles as well as the tote bags. They don’t look like they will get as easily as the crocheted tote bags.

Conclusion: This is a very informative book. I think it can help bring a new element to almost, if not, all crafts. I hope you find great use in it as well. I have, and will use it further as a reference book.


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