Petrina Khashoggi’s Operation Bumpkin Birthday

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Khashoggi for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: We get to meet the three rat brothers: Sketch, Snatch, and Snitch. They are moving up in the world, from the depths of Manhattan’s subway system to a nice neighborhood in the suburbs. Oh, goodie! It appears that there will be a birthday party tomorrow. Can the brothers work together in order to make a huge windfall food-wise? Or will one of them get too greedy?

Story Telling: Ms. Khashoggi and Mr. Graham came together nicely with this one. The Rat Brothers were a pleasant mix of realism and fantastical artwork. The story was told in a fun way. Items were listed in such a way as to increase the tempo.

Likes: Young Horatio is my kind of child. He likes chocolate and cheesecake. Also the brothers did try to stick together. Try being the operative word.

Dislikes: There’s not really a dislike this time.

Favorite Character: Sketch did seem to care a lot for his brothers. Yet, that care wasn’t blind. When problems arose, he knew who was usually behind them.

Favorite Quote: Sketch provides the quote this time. ““Repeat after me. Our mission is to get the maximum amount of food, and not get caught,” Sketch said.”

Favorite Scene: The best part was the situation right after the food-run. It was pretty good.

Conclusion: This one was fun and cute. I hope you and your children enjoy it as much as I have. It made my library, here’s hoping it makes yours.


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