Katherine Howell’s Cold Justice-Ella Marconi 3

Overview: We’re heading Down Under in this novel. Ella Marconi is back to work after being shot. Her first case back is a twenty year cold one. A seventeen-year-old Tim Pieters was murdered during a night out with friends. Who killed him? And who sent the letter to the police? Who does the anonymous letter refer to?

Story Telling: Ms. Howell had a good idea for a story. Her style however leaves a lot to be desired. Yes, she wrote a crew of fully fleshed-out characters. But, there didn’t seem to be an adequate break between points-of-view. I would be following Ella, and then I’m with Callum or Georgie. Or even worse, I’m back in the ‘90’s. Throwing my brain in a tumult.

Likes: The concept of the cold case was a good one. Georgie’s attitude seemed to be pretty strong, there were a few instances of weakness. At least the ladies weren’t sown to be superhuman.

Dislikes: There seemed to be this…obsession, for lack of a better word, with sex in this book. We had Freya’s dalliance with her drama teacher. Personally, I believe he should have been shot. We got a little too involved in Ella’s intimacies as well. Even Georgie’s problems were sexual in nature. Seems to me that these scenes belong in erotica novels. Neither did I care for the roller-coaster ride.

Favorite Scene: I did find it funny when Ella mistook her partner’s father for the plumber.

Conclusion: Many people might enjoy the ride here, but I found it quite confusing. This wasn’t as fun of a read as I would prefer. But on a brighter note, I wasn’t flooded wit the Australian slang.


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