Ray Bradbury’s Stories-A Season of Disbelief

Overview: In this edition of Mr. Bradbury’s Stories, we meet Helen Bentley. She has moved into one of her late husband’s rental properties with only her little mementos of happier times. What interesting children that are around this town. Don’t they know that one day, they too will be old?

Likes: Tom was the best of the children here. He treated Mrs. Bentley with respect.

Dislikes: Jane and Alice both have a major problem. They don’t want to get old, but it’s coming. No amount of evidence would ever convince them that Mrs. Bentley was a little girl once. Plus they took her items, before she gave them permission.

Conclusion: While I don’t care for the ending of “A Season of Disbelief”–I don’t believe in encouraging a misconception–this was a pretty good story.


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