Daniel Clausen’s The Lexical Funk-A Triumph of Words

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Well, two anthologies since Christmas. Let’s see how Mr. Clausen’s stories measure up to my tastes.

Imitation For Beginners

Overview: We get to meet a special type of android. He is an android dedicated to imitating humans. He has been invited to join a group of humans and androids that meet for coffee every Sunday.

Likes: I appreciate how the protagonist wanted to learn how the other side lives. Learning is always good.

Dislikes: The relationships that the protagonist had with Susan and the other android were pretty sad. I don’t care much for fetishes. And everyone from Nietzsche to God has warned us against looking too closely to the other side.

Conclusion: I don’t like this story, but I don’t dislike it either. It was quite different. It gives me something to think on, which is also good.

Lexical Funk: How the White Boy Learned to Settle Down and Love the Afro
Overview: Um…I don’t know what to make of this one. A white kid seems to want to be a jazz singer.

Likes: The teen did strive for his dreams.

Dislikes: I didn’t like how our protagonist seemed to want to be black. What’s wrong with being who you are?

Conclusion: I didn’t like this one.

Rich Jacobs Searches For the Meaning of Life

Overview: Who doesn’t wonder about the meaning of life after a loved one has gone on to the next stage of existence? Well, Rich Jacobs has a very interesting conversation at work concerning it.

Likes: My favorite part of this story was the old lady buying the cantaloupes.

Dislikes: Both the cashier and the supervisor had attitude problems.

Conclusion: If you get philosophical advise from produce, you’re doing it wrong. I didn’t get the humor.

Starlight Terror and the Cappuccino Machine & Angela Killed Herself

Overview: I’m just going to sum up the last two stories together. “Starlight Terror” was where a college student whose dream girl is a B-movie alien from the fifties.

“Angela Killed Herself” is about a guy’s reaction to a girl friend’s suicide.

Dislikes: The problem with the first story, is that I don’t like it when anyone is told to give up on their dreams. It’s his dream. Did it necessarily have to end in world destruction?

Concerning the second story, I don’t know anyone who likes to listen to self-pity.

Overall Conclusion: This collection was not a very good one. There is a lot of vulgarity throughout it. Plus the stories didn’t seem to make much sense to me. Mr. Clausen did live up to his reputation.


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