Ben Zachheim’s The Camelot Kids-Book 1

I received this book for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Simon Sharp is in a bit of a bind. His parents are known to have died in a plane crash. Unknown to most is the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Sharp were looking for the legendary Camelot. So like any normal adolescent, Simon figures that King Arthur killed his parents. Fast forward a couple of years, and we find Simon being shipped to his Uncle Victor’s in Scotland. Now he just has to be kidnapped by a troll (who knew) and he’ll see the…um…Camelot, that his parents were searching for. Turns out that he is the heir of Lancelot. What other surprises could there be?

Story Telling: Epic fantasies like this one are hard to deal with. It can be too easy to overload the story in such a case. This one also held a lot of Arthurian legend.

Likes: The idea that the legends of Camelot still live on into the modern world is interesting. Simon was pretty well portrayed. His confusion was emphasized in such a way as to show his potential for both good and bad decisions.

Dislikes: Here’s the deal. Seeing the children of the Knights of the Round Table sounded like a great idea, but did we have to get into reincarnation? Simon didn’t seem to have any support whatsoever. Between the bullies, his uncle, and the idiot in charge of the orphanage (okay, Children’s Home), Simon doesn’t really have a chance to be true to himself or anyone else for that matter. Then he finds out about his ties to Lancelot, and he is thrown into another mold. Let’s not even get to his dad’s fate. Also, I do believe that we will be getting a love triangle in this series.

Favorite Character: I guess it would be Maille Rose.

Favorite Quote: To illustrate my point about Maille: “Can we figure out what to do next?”

Favorite Scene: I did like it when Gwen started to use her healing skills.

Conclusion: This is an interesting idea for a story. I just didn’t care for it. Mainly I had too many problems with the way that the premise was worked out.


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