Melinda Leigh’s Hour of Need-Scarlet Falls 1

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Major Grant Barrett is heading home from Afghanistan due to trouble on the home front. His brother and his brother’s wife have been killed in an attempted robbery. At least that’s what it looks like to the police. Grant isn’t too certain about that. Especially after the babysitting neighbor and his niece and nephew are targeted. The killer has to be taken down. Maybe Ellie, the babysitter’s mother, will give him a hand.

Story Telling: This is branded as a mystery/romance. Or would that be a romantic mystery? It doesn’t really matter. Suffice to say that there’s a crime to be solved and sex to be had.

Likes: Even though it was a painful situation, at least the remaining Barrett siblings came together to comfort the children and handle the situation.

Dislikes: Well, this should be a list. As bad as Autumn and Regan were, Mrs. Hamilton’s ‘never say quit’ attitude hurt Lindsey more that the bullying did. Victor was a dangerous person. But what bothered me were the injuries. Grant gets a scrape that bleeds into his eye, and the medic fixes the temple? Lee lives after his brains are severed from his body long enough to see Kate die? Don’t all involuntary movements, like breathing, quit then? These just don’t make any sense. Then, we had the sex thinking…from everyone. It was just too much. Plus, one can only hope that the CPS official here was an exaggeration, but with the news today, who knows.

Favorite Character: This is a tough one, but I think I would go with Nan for the most part. She was willing to help Ellie, regardless of how she felt about an unwed mother.

Favorite Quote: This part will definitely tie into the next section. In the words of Julie: “I like him, even if he did get me and Taylor in trouble.”

Favorite Scene: And how did Grant get Taylor and Julie in trouble? He busted them sneaking out. Scared the tar out of them too.

Conclusion: If you like romances with a little mystery, then this book is for you. In my opinion, the romance (sex) could have been easily dropped. I hope you enjoy it. (It was the sex and the magical head-wounds that did it in for me.)


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