Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Blue Labyrinth-Pendergast 14

Overview: Special Agent Pendergast is recovering from the events of “White Fire.” While waiting for their dinner, Constance and Pendergast hear a knock on the door. Surprise! It’s Alban. Just not in the sense that Pendergast ever expected. What purpose would Alban’s death serve? Where has he been for the past eighteen months? How did a piece of turquoise show up in Alban’s stomach? And how does the Pendergast Legacy tie in to all of this?

Story Telling: There was a smooth transition between Alban’s murder, and D’Agosta’s case. We also get to see what has happened to Margo since her run-in with Diogenes.

Likes: Mr. Preston and Mr. Child handled Pendergast’s slide toward debilitating madness well. We get to learn more of what Constance’s life with Dr. Enoch Leng was like. Alban’s life was something that will surprise most long-time readers of Pendergast.

Dislikes: John Barbeaux was a piece of work. Perhaps someone should have given him a dictionary with the words ‘revenge’ and ‘justice’ highlighted. And Slade had a problem with his ego as well.

Favorite Character: Now I can’t pick one of the usual characters. Or else you would see Pendergast here. But, I guess you can see that anyway. Alban Pendergast’s repentance and redemption gained him this position.

Favorite Quote: Tristram an explain why Alban reached the favorite character status. “Yes. He said that he was going to…right a wrong. Undo some terrible thing he himself had put into motion.”

Favorite Scene: The best part of this book was when Pendergast was coming alive again and said goodbye to Alban.

Conclusion: This is a pretty good addition to the Pendergast series. Now, it’s time to let Pendergast become his ghostly self again. He’s more intriguing that way.


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