Maggie King’s Murder at Book Group-A Book Group Mystery 1

I received this book for a fair review.

Overview: It’s time for another meeting at Hazel and Carlene’s book group. It seems like it would be fun, friends sitting around discussing the books that they have read. What a horrible thing to have happened though. Carlene is dead. She left a note, but was it really suicide?

Story Telling: I tend to like cozy mysteries. This one doesn’t quite fit, as it seems to straddle the line between cozies and–oh, what do you call them?–estate-like mysteries.

Likes: The idea of a bunch of mystery fans trying to solve their friend’s murder, sounds great. It would even be better if the titles were real ones. There was that one Agatha Christie, however.

Dislikes: Now here’s the thing. Mysteries are peculiar. Just because you like one style doesn’t mean you’ll like them all. Case in point. I thought there were too many characters being introduced way too fast. And that wouldn’t be too bad, if they weren’t all related by marriage/divorce/mistress. What really hurt this book, in my opinion, was that Mrs. King (thankfully not married to that Mr. King) let her politics color the whole story. Why did we need to know the characters’ political views? They weren’t assassinating heads-of-State after all.

Favorite Character: I liked Lucy.

Favorite Quote: I am unable to give you this one, under the publisher’s request.

Favorite Scene: I kind of liked Lucy and Hazel’s breakfast meeting.

Conclusion: Like I said, mysteries are taste-specific. This one was an ill-fitting suit for me. I hope you enjoy it.


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