Dean Koontz’s One Door Away From Heaven

Overview: After years of bad decisions, Mickey Bellsong has moved in with her eccentric Aunt Geneva Davis. It’s only to be long enough for her to get back on her feet. Then, they meet their newest neighbor, Leilani Klunk. She has such an interesting, if not horrifying, tale to share. If even half of what she accuses her step-father of is true, then she needs some serious help. Too bad they are heading after another close-encounter witness. Didn’t I mention that Preston Maddoc, Leilani’s step-father, is obsessed with extraterrestrials?

Story Telling: It’s a pretty straight forward story. I do have to admit that the first few chapters from Curtis’s point-of-view can be rather confusing.

Likes: Mickey was a pretty strong woman. She may disagree, but someone as truly weak, as she believed herself to be, wouldn’t have pursued her enemy. Aunt Geneva was a trip as well. And I honestly never considered dogs to be as close to God as they were shown.

Dislikes: How does a woman like F.W. Bronson end up as a social worker in C.P.S.? Oh boy, a girl is afraid that she is going to die, but the honorable Preston Maddoc would never do anything wrong. Or how about Darvey? Who would really take someone who isn’t joking, dead serious even, and thinks that he/she is a good reason to never have children?

Favorite Character: Now, I don’t know how to do this one. Our finalists are: Noah, Polly, Cass, Aunt Gen, or Mickey. And they all have good reasons to be a contender, or a winner.

Favorite Quote: Let’s go with Aunt Gen to Mickey. “You come home.”

Favorite Scene: Call me vindictive, but my favorite part would be when Curtis and Preston meet. But it should be read to the end of the scene. When Mickey and Leilani meet up again, on the road was pretty good too.

Conclusion: This was a fun book. The hopeless gained hope, and the monster got his dues. Great story. And as always, the good guy wins again. You got to love Dean Koontz.


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