Tony Robbins’s Money Master the Game-7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

I received this book for the purpose for a fair review.

Overview: Mr. Robbins has spent his life from the depths of poverty to the heights of the wealthy. Using this history and the experiences of his life, he offers those who are interested a chance to climb the economic ladder.

Story Telling: This is just an economic form of the weight-loss self-help books.

Likes: Mr. Robbins is trying to help others learn how to handle their money.

Dislikes: I don’t think that I like self-help books. They always seem to be obsessed with getting the reader to focus on themselves.

Favorite Character: There are many stories about several successes here.

Favorite Quote: Here’s a good one for those who should remember to try. “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” Aristotle.

Favorite Scene: My favorite bit of advice was to use a savings account (if you can get any interest of any use). And then there was the difference between an investment broker and a financial advisor.

Conclusion: This is good for those who wish to make more money. For the most part however, the ideas–at least the more risky but financially profitable ones–are tailored for, and aimed at, the rich–or those who could play a convincing role. The read is worth your while.


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