Laura Lynn Ashworth’s Letters to Loretta From the Radio Shack

I received this book courtesy for Ms. Ashworth for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: During the years 1942-1945 Salvatore “Slabs” had an extensive correspondence with a young woman that he grew up with. These are his and Loretta’s letters.

Story Telling: In a way this is a slice of history. There are a lot of letters here. You can feel Sal’s emotions fairly well.

Likes: This is a view into the life of the average Navy sailor, in a way.

Dislikes: This story was just the letters and a few headlines/military information concerning Sal’s ship. My problem is that there was no real conclusion. Aren’t you supposed to have that in a love story? (At least a confirmation would have been nice.)

Favorite Character: I liked Sal. He seems to have been so devoted to Loretta here.

Favorite Quote: I got a kick out of Sal’s poem.
“I never kiss, I never neck,
I never say hell, I never say heck,
I’m always good, I’m always nice,
I play no poker, I shake no dice,
I never drink, I never flirt,
I never gossip or spread the dirt,
I have no line or funny tricks,
But what the hell–I’m only six!”

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when Loretta was telling Sal about her aunt teaching her how to cook.

Conclusion: It’s a pretty good story. I just wish that it had a definitive ending.


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