David Alan Morrison and H.L. Melvin ’s Guild of Immortal Women

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Morrison and Ms. Melvin for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Welcome to The Bastille, home to a group of remarkable women and a very special tapestry. Oddly enough, the bodies of two women have been found out on the premises. Both show signs of advanced age but with a few odd details. Details of say, tattoos and piercings that no eighty-year-old would ever be caught with. It’s up to Detective Matt Mathers and Lynn Swanson–Abbey’s therapist–to find out what’s going on.

Story Telling: Urban or Contemporary Fantasy can be a hard sell. With all of today’s technology, adding the magical can be difficult. Especially to add the elements in a believable way. Mr. Morrison and Ms. Melvin have managed to pull this off in a excellent way.

Likes: This was a great thriller. You have to keep turning pages to see if Robert get what he should.

Dislikes: I didn’t care for the attitude that the women had. Right and wrong is very important to me. Also, there was no explanation for why men didn’t make good wardens of the tapestry.

Favorite Character: My Favorite character position is a tie this time, mainly because of her leave ‘me alone with my Wii’ attitude. She loses points for her language, though. Ruth is my style of woman. She always has food for guests and prefers to be cooking. But she loses points for diminished capacity in regards of recognizing danger.

Favorite Quote: This was the best quote for me. “Eleanor set her knitting down and raced to the door. She hadn’t heard Ruth sound so panicked since the cancellation of M*A*S*H.”

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when Matt saw that Eleanor was in trouble.

Conclusion: This is a great story. The witches weren’t to bad. Don’t blink or you might miss a bit of Arthurian legend.


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