Paul Janson’s The Ice Cream War

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Janson for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Mary Burke has gotten some bad news. Jerry Wilson is back in town. The last time he was home, he gave away ice cream for about two weeks. Her fears are short lived however as Jerry’s ice cream shoppe becomes home to a murder victim. As much as Mary dislikes Jerry’s competition, she can’t picture him as a killer. So they’re off to see who killed the girl, that is if Mary can prevent Jerry from giving away all the ice cream.

Story Telling: It’s a first. A cozy mystery without a cat.

Likes: Mr. Janson did a great job of implying Jerry’s differing tastes. Mint Chocolate and Root Bear ice cream? Doesn’t sound like it goes well together does it?

Dislikes: It seemed like Mr. Janson used a lot of stereotypes here. I think that they were meant to add humor.

Favorite Character: The character I liked the best this time was John Burke. When he saw that his business partner was going to cheat the wife, John decided to help the soon to be ex..

Favorite Quote: I guess it would be around the time Mary is asking if she needs a lawyer. “I’ll promise not to charge you with any crime if you promise not to call him. How’s that?”

Favorite Scene: My favorite part would be when Jerry had to talk to DEA Agent Blanchard.

Conclusion: It’s a pretty good story. I just didn’t catch some of the humor. Enjoy the read.


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