Beth Shaw’s Yogalean

I received this book courtesy of Ms. Shaw for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Ms. Shaw has invited us to not only read her manifesto, but to also utilize it for our own benefit.

Story Telling: Ms. Shaw includes a body type quiz, yoga postures, weight exercises, types of cardio, and recipes to make our attempts easier. She also uses a bibliography so we can check some of her sources.

Likes: Anyone who wants to better life for others has his/her heart in the right place in my opinion.

Dislikes: Most of Ms. Shaw’s references were from the same source. Considering that her field is yoga, those journals aren’t really surprising. It’s the beliefs they encourage that bothers me. There was some out-dated information being stated. I didn’t think anyone believed in sugar rushes anymore Also, in my opinion weight gain is similar to height and hair/eye color. It’s all genetics. We can fight it all we want to, but at the end of the day, genetics will win.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was the free weight sections.

Conclusion: It’s another self-help book. I hope you can find use in it. Just do your own research first. As for me, supersize me!


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