William Wright’s Jailhouse Doc: A Doctor in the County Jail

I received this book courtesy of Dr. Wright for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Dr. Wright has spent decades as an ear-specialist/neurosurgeon. When that got to be boring, he quit. After a few months he went to work for Colorado’s Department of Corrections. This is the story of his time at CJC.

Story Telling: Dr. Wright has an interesting writing style. He gives examples, and certain facts about prison life that a would-be felon should take note and then pick a different career.

Likes: He has quite a way with people. He could either be your best friend or your worst enemy. His ‘verbal aikido’ skills kept him out of some serious trouble at times.

Dislikes: While the Scandinavian ideals for prisons–that Dr. Wright seems to like, may work–but I prefer God’s answer better. Another dislike I had was Mary Cummins.

Favorite Character: My favorite person here was Carmelita. My bet is that she is probably small. (They seem to find the most unusual ways to defend themselves.)

Favorite Quote: My favorite quote is the poem by Mr. Piet Hein: “I see and I hear and I speak no evil; I carry no malice within my breast; yet quite without wishing a man to the Devil one may be permitted to hope for the best.”

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was the chapter on ‘Packing Heat.’ Perhaps Dr. Wright should pray that he never needs his gun.

Conclusion: This is a terrific book. One that most anyone can enjoy.


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