Mark Sheldon’s Mores of the Maelstrom Volume 1

I received this book for a fair review.

Overview: It’s time for another collection of short stories. Mr. Sheldon has an offering of six stories. Without further ado, here we go.

The Second Chance

Overview: When Claire Hodges awakes in a waiting room, she is surprised to find herself so angry. But when a girl named Nemmy offers her a chance to remember what happened, Claire jumps on it.

Likes: This seemed to be a mystery with a twist. Was Claire murdered? Was it an accident? Does she have any one on her side?

Dislikes: I felt sorry for Claire. All of these immortals playing with her like a puppet on a string. It just wasn’t right. Eris was the worst, in my opinion. She knew Claire had been played. And chose badly.

Conclusion: I’m so glad that my beliefs in the afterlife are no where near this mean. It’s a good mystery, but God needs to fire all three of those immortal.

The Life of Death

Overview: Fable time! Let’s meet Mortimer, the daughter of Tuoni and Morrigan. She is a very unique child at a time when no one dies. Yet.

Likes: The names were quite funny at times. I enjoyed the fact that Tuoni didn’t throw Mortimer to her fate. That showed true love to my mind.

Dislikes: I hated Thomason. He so deserved what he got.

Conclusion: It was an interesting story. One that really does personify Death. The town shouldn’t have ticked her off.

The King of Lost Vegans

Overview: Oh my. Jonathan Sykes has volunteered to be cyro-genetically frozen for 2,000 years. Upon his awakening, he finds a new religion worshiping the Savior, the Round Hog, and Harem Day.

Likes: This was funny. And an interesting view of the future. Poor Jonathan. And he has no one to enjoy the joke with.

Conclusion: I’ve heard of linguistic shifts, but I don’t see how these religions ever got off of the ground. I do wonder if Tolkien was represented though.

A Letter to Mr. Barnabus Blathersby

Overview: Martin seems to be a kind man. He wanted to warn his friend of a contagion that is spreading around Virginia.

Likes: This is creepy. Anyone could be normal one minute, and psychotic the next. You really feel for Martin’s family, and end up wishing you were in the land of zombies. Then you’d know your fate.

Dislikes: I hated Susan’s fate. That was just cruel.

Conclusion: Definitely a different kind of mob story. They don’t have to be zombies to be deadly.

The Story of Bob

Overview: Poor Bob. He has a great job and a great home. Too bad he also has the boss from hell.

Likes: What a warning. Perhaps Bob should have leaked his evidence sooner.

Conclusion: Another David and Goliath tale, but Bob forgot God as his help.

You Did It Again

Overview: Um, this story doesn’t really make sense to me. What did Mary mean by ‘you did it again’?

Conclusion: This was the only story that I didn’t care much for.

Overall Conclusion: I like Mr. Sheldon’s story telling ability. Six stories and only one dud. This is so going into my library.


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