Martha Gabour Manuel’s Murder on False River

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Manuel for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: When Savannah Devereaux decides to run for State Senate, she thinks that she has a chance to make a difference for the everyday voter. Unfortunately her husband, Mike, finds out something that endangers not only Savannah’s career, but it marks the whole family for destruction. Savannah is thrust into a reality where nothing is as it appears.

Story Telling: Mrs. Manuel has a pretty good idea for a story. This one has been framed. We start out in 2012, then we jump back to 2002 (it says 2003 in the part heading, but it’s 2002), and begin working our way back up to the events in the first chapter.

Likes: I like how the emphasis was on Savannah and her family, more than on her political career.

Dislikes: I didn’t care for how much time was spent on the back stories for these characters. Yes, a back story is necessary, but we spent some much time on them in the beginning, that I was a bit lost until the second half of the book.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part in this book was when Savannah found out why Dylan was acting the way he was. I also enjoyed it when we found out what really happened to Mike.

Conclusion: It’s a pretty good story, if you have the time to stick with the book. I hope you enjoy it.


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