Okay You Vitriolic Bitch

    (This is the first time I’ve been so angry. I’ve seen what she has done to others, and it’s not right that anyone is allowed to get away with such things just because they ‘might’ be a minority.)

So sorry for the language, but I have heard it said that sometimes the case involves language that I abhor, even detest using. This is so different. This is for people that for some reason this “one person” so desires to step on, that nothing will stand in her way to get what she wants. Somewhere, someone scorned this woman, otherwise, she would have no excuse to belittle, deny, and charge others of things she herself does. To be blunt, she sets others up to take her fall, blaming others for her crimes. She is cheap, moral-less, and hides behind her race. She is, what most would call, a racist who sees what she is in everyone who is what she wishes to be.

There is no reason for any of her attitude. I mean, isn’t diversity vital to what people want? We all can’t, and won’t, like the same things. Who declared this person a sentinel on what is worthy to read, write, or play?

Her attempts to destroy people’s dreams is misguided at it’s best, and demonic at it’s worst. We are familiar with her most famous nick “Requireshate.” After all, she was just ousted by an editor friend of hers. Classy, isn’t it? There are at least thirty other nicks, that she goes by. I don’t know what her newest, unburned, nick is, but you will recognize her by her quirks, and descriptions. Not many use such extremely violent language. And hate is, at least implied, in every sentence. Just be aware that she isn’t just going after writers, or fans of books. She also goes for the gamers, anyone who is on social media, and does things that she disapproves of.

When you have to rely on hate, you bring down people to keep from drowning in it yourself. Perhaps it’s better to pull the plug on your hate, and go another way.

Anyone who has been her victim, (Collum) please don’t let such trash stop you from being who and what you are. Hold fast to the fact that burning bridges can be beneficial as well as a hindrance, depending on how it is used. Things are not evil; people have that distinction. Fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, crime, it’s all okay if it’s you. Be who you are: the trolls all fail sooner or later. I hope that you, and others like you will never let anyone, at any time, or for any reason, make a stepping stone of you. And remember, stones do not disperse as fast as the dust, or clay. Hold your head high and reach for the stars. May God be with you and yours.

Hate will not win, love conquers all.


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