Dare DeLano’s Odus and the Long Way Home-Book Keeper 1

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. DeLano for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Liz and Charlie’s Aunt Gertrude has come for a visit. While she leaves the guestroom, Aunt Gertrude tells them not to touch any of her books. Of course, you know what has to happen, right? Yep, they pick up Aunt Gertrude’s copy of “The Odyssey.” Now Liz and Charlie are stuck helping Odysseus get home.

Story Telling: How does one bring a story like “The Odyssey” down to a level where seven to ten year olds can understand it? Mrs. DeLano has found a clever way of doing so. The story is told from Liz’s point-of-view, and you just see what she is comfortable with.

Likes: Much of the gore and violence of “The Odyssey” was removed. Liz and Charlie were able to navigate and understand the gist of Homer’s famous epic, yet they weren’t in much danger unless it was the danger of not getting home in time for dinner.

Dislikes: The only thing that I missed was the story that Odysseus had to tell Penelope before the archery tournament. But, I understand why that wouldn’t work here.

Favorite Scene: My favorite parts were when the children met Homer, and when they had the honeyed cream.

Conclusion: For the most part, I liked this story more than I did “The Odyssey.” It’s a good way to introduce Homer’s poems to the next generation. A real treasure in a child’s library (mine too).


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