Barry Jones’s The Garbage Sifter

I received this book courtesy of Dr. Jones for a fair review.

Overview: It is the year 1999 when Camila Sanchez, a policeman’s widow with a son and ailing mother, finds the rough draft of an operation known as ‘Wild Ferret.’ IN desperation, she sales the information to the Argentina government. Why would the United States want to read the e-mails coming through Argentina’s security lines? And what is Rosario-5?

Story Telling: I believe Dr. Jones may have taken some writing tips from Mr. Tolkien in regards to his chronology. The story was told in three parts. And each part was told in chronological order, without the need of flashbacks, even if the second part bridges the time frame of midway point of part one to the events of part three.

Likes: I like how Camila had her allies in part one, and how both America and Argentina had to work together to stop the Rosario-5 production.

Dislikes: I didn’t care for how few honorable people there were in this book. America’s CIA was willing to spy on foreign countries, and not to prevent war either. Argentina was as corrupt of a nation as you can find. And while I’ve never trusted politicians, some of these guys could make Presidents Nixon and Clinton look like gems.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when Rodriguez was around. He did what he could to help Camila and then Elina.

Conclusion: This is a different style of book. I prefer more honorable characters than those who showed up here. Perhaps, it is more your style. I hope you enjoy this one.


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