Craig Johnson’s Spirit of Steamboat-Walt Longmire 9.1

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: While waiting out the last of the Christmas Eve shift at the office, Sheriff Walter Longmire meets a young woman who claims to know both him and, his predecessor, Lucien Connalley. With one word, Longmire is reminded of another Christmas Eve in the late ‘80’s that was a more frantic paced night.

Story Telling: Mr. Johnson has done here what many writing books advise that you never do. And he did it gracefully. The story was framed in a flashback. This made for a comfortable semi-Christmas tale.

Likes: Longmire and Lucien were some brave individuals. On that note, so were Juli, Mrs. Oda, and Isaac. None of them, with the possible exception of Isaac, had to do anything for Mrs. Oda’s granddaughter. But all that they could see was how Amaterasu needed to get to the hospital in Denver, and no one else was brave–or crazy–enough to fly her there.

Dislikes: I thought that the helicopter pilot and the med-tech were more concerned with their own skins. I understand fear, but be man enough to admit it. Every one should respect you more. And most will.

Favorite Scene: My favorite parts were anytime someone told Lucien that he couldn’t do something (usually, he proved them wrong), and when Longmire had to face a terrifying drop just to close the door.

Conclusion: This is a great story. I think it’s a good addition to the thriller fan’s library (it made mine), or for those who want a different kind of Christmas story.


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