Chris Reardon’s Breaking Rules

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: What happens when someone, who is used to getting away with some serious crimes, decides to teach a couple a good lesson? If that someone is the teenage witch Salina, trouble for both the couple and her.

Story Telling: I’ve never read a present-tense book before, though I have heard of them. The only other one I know of is “The Hunger Games,” and that was a first-person present. This is a third-person present. Interesting idea.

Likes: The idea of another realm, one very much like ours but with magic, was interesting. That world’s laws, and prejudices were well put down. Kenny and Trish were well fleshed out, as well as was Salina.

Dislikes: I didn’t care much for Salina’s attitude. She might have tried to fix things, but she lied so often I don’t trust anything she has said.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part I the book was when Max broke at the kitchen table. It was perfect.

Conclusion: While I don’t care much for the present-tense writing, this story was a good one. I hope you like it.


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