D.B. Martin’s Patchwork People-The Patchwork People Trilogy Book Two

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Martin for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: It’s just about time for the funeral of the dearly departed Margaret Juste. Lawrence figures that he can figure out how to handle Jaggers with a bit of time. But some odd notes have started showing up signed only as “J.” Who else could it be if not Jaggers? It really gets heated up when Danny disappears, and a woman is found murdered in Lawrence’s house. Who can help Lawrence now? Margaret, I guess. Wonder how she’s going to do that one, since she is dead.

Story Telling: Mrs. Martin has continued her masterful story of Lawrence Juste, his past, and his attempts to be the kind of man his hero Atticus Finch would be proud of. You can feel his frustration and his anxiety throughout the whole book.

Likes: I enjoyed how Mrs. Martin handled the concerns of incest that was raised in the last novel. What seems to be an unraveling in Lawrence’s life, is more of the piecing together the quilt of truth.

Dislikes: Can we just kill Jaggers yet? Each time I thought that he couldn’t get much worse, he does something to prove me wrong.

Favorite Scene: My favorite parts in this part of the trilogy would be when Lawrence is talking to his attorney. Or when we figure out where Danny is. Or how about when we figure out who Danny is? Oh, I know. It’s when we find out who J is and Lawrence and J have their meetings.

Conclusion: It’s a great novel. I hope that I can get a hold of the final book in the trilogy, just so I can find out what happens to Jaggers. I just have to see him get his comeuppance.


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