Holly Webb’s Rose and the Magician’s Mask-Rose 3

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: After helping to solve a kidnapping case with her master Mr. Fountain, Rose is looking forward to the holidays. Of course it would be easier if anyone knew where the kidnappers went. Oh, it turns out that they stole a valuable magical item from the Royal Palace as well. What’s the apprentice to the Chief Magical Counselor to the Treasury to do? Find the mask, what else?

Likes: I liked how Rose seemed to have a place of sanctuary in Mr. Fountain’s home. As well it seemed to be a place where you couldn’t count on the fact that ordinary meant, well, ordinary.

Dislikes: I didn’t care for the caste-like system that magic holds in this world. Children are born with it, it usually comes out by the time they reach ten years of age, and the stronger families are notorious for inbreeding or cross-breeding into other magical families. There really is no chance for the average person to be given a chance to learn these skills.

Favorite Scene: I guess it would be when Miss Fells saved her cousin’s life by knitting a strand of his daughter’s hair.

Conclusion: If you like the ‘Harry Potter’ series, you might like this one.


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