Sarah Healy’s House of Wonder

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Jenna Parsons has always felt constrained in the house that she grew up in. Her mother, Priscilla Parsons, has always tried to fill a hole in her life with objects, and Jenna’s twin, Warren, seems to be getting odder everyday. But that’s not too bad. All Jenna has to do is just worry about her daughter, keep in contact with her family, and don’t let them draw her back to the house. Um, let’s not tell Warren that last one. We definitely don’t need to tell Jenna about the thefts either.

Story Telling: Ms. Healy has gifted us with a slice-of-life novel, well two novels anyway. Interspersed throughout Jenna’s story is one of another generation, Silla’s. It can be al little jarring at times, though Silla’s story explained a lot of hers and Warren’s problems.

Likes: Priscilla was stronger than most would see her as. After all she was willing to be the support that Warren needed. Who cares how she had to fortify herself. She wasn’t hurting nobody.

Dislikes: Oh, let me count them. We had the stepmother jealous of her stepdaughter. We have the home wrecker skank, and the shame-felt fathers. If that’s not bad enough, we get the insistent exes. As well, Ms. Healy has done what most female authors do, she included a sex scene. In my opinion it was unnecessary and makes it so I have to be picky with my recommendation.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when Warren received his birthday present from his father. That and the fact Warren found his niche in society.

Conclusion: The story is a good read for a rainy day. It’s also good for those who dislike a lot of tension in their stories.


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