Consuella Harris’s The Surrogates

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Harris for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Keith Brown has been offered a deal of the century. Valerie Scovall, a judge now but a lawyer several years ago, has hired him to find out what happened to two men who ran a Surrogate program, Lake Shore Parenting Group, quite a few years a ago. Was it murder or an accident.

Story Telling: For the most part, this story was told in a first person point-of-view in Keith’s perspective. There is one scene that is a bit jarring though. It’s when Keith and Valerie meet. The scene is in first person, up until Keith walks in Valerie’s office, then it switches to third person so to describe Keith.

Likes: Keith’s doggedness is to be admired.

Dislikes: This is a drama filled story. One that suffers from somebody trying to be too politically correct. For fun see if you can identify the gay, black, white, and liberal characters. Really the worst part is that for a mystery, there wasn’t many mysterious thing happening. Where was the intrigue, the clues being dropped, the investigation of the murders?

Conclusion: It’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes. Hope you like listening to drama queens when you pick this one up.


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