Geena Bean’s Come Back Dear Sun

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Bean for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Oh no! The Sun went down and never came back. What are Kaylee, Mattie, Lily, and Fran to do? Try to get it back of course.

Story Telling: The story was written to attract young readers. Mrs. Bean is rhyming in a similar vein as Dr. Seuss.

Likes: The pace of the story combined with the charming illustrations make this an immersive book for most children.

Dislikes: The book gives an inaccurate portrait of why children don’t go out to play anymore. It’s not because of the games or the internet. Most parents won’t send their children outside in such dangerous places. Are you going to let a child go out to play with the risks that (s)he’ll be snatched or caught in a drive by? No sane person would. I agree that children need more exercise and playtime, but it’s a new day dawning and more care needs to be taken.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when the girls came up with a plan to talk to the Moon and bring back the Sun.

Conclusion: This is a cute idea. I’d read it and explain why going outside is to be a planned excursion with a parent or guardian around.


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