Richard P. Flynn’s Irishmen Don’t Cry A Medical and Emotional Journey with ALS

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Flynn for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Mr. Flynn wants to let us in on a little secret. What’s the secret you ask? It’s that with the help of your family and the right frame of mind, you can live with anything and keep a positive attitude. It isn’t all talk either. Mr. Flynn has ALS. And he seems pretty happy.

Story Telling: This is a different way to write a memoir. The format is more like a scrapbook-styled journal.

Likes: I like the optimism Mr. Flynn lives with. Life can’t be too inspiring in his position. Yet, as long as he can enjoy skiing then he is happy.

Dislikes: I read with a reading partner. The additional information–those pieces given by his doctors, his wife Nancy, and his aide Carolyn–are all written in italics. These are rather large chunks that hurt the eyes. Perhaps it’s just a formatting issue.

Favorite Scene: My favorite story of Mr. Flynn’s involves his college days and the mooner. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Conclusion: This can help put your life in perspective. Though it can e hard reading. Hard in the terms that it can be difficult to keep happy while hearing what is happening to someone else. Pick a happy day to read this one.


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