Deborah Smith Parker’s The Horse That Haunts My Heart

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Parker for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Mrs. Parker has invited us along for a trip down her memories to the three summers that she spent with Tank, the horse she rode at a working ranch camp.

Story Telling: This memoir was simplistic in style, and made for easier reading than some of the serious stuff should allow. It’s a good one afternoon read.

Likes: I’m a bit horse crazy myself. Spending time at the camp was kind of fun. Tank sounds like he would’ve been a blast to be around.

Dislikes: My major problem with this memoir had to do with the allegations of Sam’s molestations of some of the other campers. My problem is that this book was written over fifty years after the fact. Sam is unable to defend himself against this accusations, and, as Mrs. Parker herself has admitted, she wasn’t a victim, just a shoulder to cry on. She could have said simply that she and Sam had a falling out.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when Take made a path through the bramble rather than risk the girls’ lives that were with him.

Conclusion: This book was great. Just the sexual component, as well as some of the New Age beliefs make it so that this is a book that young girls shouldn’t read without parental guidance, they’ll need it.


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