Dean Koontz’s Brother Odd-Odd Thomas 3

Overview: It’s been seven months since Odd has moved to the monastery in the Sierras. St. Bartholomew’s seems like the perfect spot to hide from the lingering dead, if it wasn’t for Brother Constantine. A ghost of one presumed suicide, and now the bodachs are hovering over the innocents in the hospice care for disabled children. What’s a guy to do?

Story Telling: This book didn’t make much sense to me. Perhaps it is just all of the monastery life, but I felt like a true outsider. Odd is still Odd. He’s still not going to shoot someone if he can avoid it. There weren’t many ghost scenes this time around. Even Elvis seemed to be absent, mostly.

Likes: For the most part it was the care the Sisters showed the children that really drew me in. Odd really ought to take the example of Brother Knuckles to heart. He doesn’t wish to harm anyone, but God help you if you threaten one of his charges.

Dislikes: The monastic life was hard for me to follow. Nor do I think that Odd necessarily had to leave his comfort zone. Let’s face it, he had more than enough trouble in Pico Mundo. Speaking of Pico Mundo, why couldn’t Oddie have spent Christmas with his loved ones?

Favorite Scene: My favorite part was when Elvis was playing in the snow with Boo.

Conclusion: I think I liked Odd’s hometown more than I do him. This book wasn’t as good as the others in my opinion. Think I just might skip ahead to “Saint Odd,” and back to Pico Mundo.


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