Harry James Krebs’s Vengeance is Mine-Benjamin Tucker Mysteries 1

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Krebs for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: Say hello to Mr. Benjamin Tucker, a former investigative reporter turned true-crime author. While trying to finish his first fictional mystery, a killer–known as the Headless Corpse Killer to the press, Jack Plum to law enforcement–starts dredging up memories of his first love/tragedy. He’s doing a great job helping out as a researcher, until Jack starts moving closer to home.

Story Telling: Mr. Krebs told, or wrote, a pretty strong story. While the serial killer was pretty blood-thirsty, we didn’t spend much time with the visual descriptions of the crimes. If it seems to be getting rather tense, then rest assured that Ben will stick his foot in his mouth. A couple of times, it was both feet, and they went pretty far down. The characters were likeable, and you were left rooting for the heroes.

Likes: I liked Roberta, but not for the humorous situations she was involved in. I thought she showed great care and love for her family that she works for. Nora was a cool old woman, even going so far as to be ready to defend her granddaughters at a moment’s notice. And a lucky one, she definitely followed the spirit. Plus the fact that most of the conversations were light-hearted made this one a comfortable read.

Dislikes: There seemed to be quite a few unanswered questions at the end. Where did Ben come from? Who killed Christine? These questions must be for later books. Patty was another problem for me. Someone should tell her that it takes two to tango. And might I advise Mr. Tucker to not share drinks with those ladies that are in an emotional maelstrom. It just seems to precipitate trouble.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part had to be how Ben got his briefcase. I can just imagine the looks on the group’s faces at that time.

Conclusion: I had fun reading this book. Here’s hoping Ben finally finds out what happened to Christine. But I must admit to feeling sorry for poor Oscar. Boys don’t need nail polish.


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