The King James Version Holy Bible

Overview: In the sum of sixty-six books, and multiple human authors, God has set out His story, and plan for human salvation. Of course we get some interesting side stories, like Ruth, or Samson, Jonah, just stories that don’t seem to fit with the “and that’s why Jesus came” main plot.

Story Telling: God uses a vast range of styles to write this book. You have the historical: Genesis, Samuel, Kings, Chronicles; the poetic: Psalms, Lamentations; legislative books: Exodus through Deuteronomy (Odd that these have so much history as well. Maybe God was onto something.); and lots of biographies. There are stories that show examples of the human condition at it’s finest (Abraham, David, Job) and at it’s worst (Ahab, Jezebel) with many in between (Jonah).

Likes: It’s a pretty hopeful book, as long as you take it to heart and don’t use it against others. It is rather easy to read, and easier to understand than Shakespeare. Not to mention, God is talking to you through it.

Dislikes: Written in the Bible: the genealogical lists do much in proving Jesus came as fully human, and can trace His lineage back to David then to Adam, but it’s the most boring part of the whole Book. Outside of the Bible: it’s the fact that nobody seems to see the Commandments, Laws, or other bits of wisdom included therein as applicable to themselves. These are just for everyone else. If we applied it to ourselves, in a personal sense, the world would be better off.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part of this Book is the fact *Spoiler Alert* God wins. He gets exactly what He wants.

Conclusion: Everyone should read this book cover to cover at least once. Learn from it, apply what you can to your life, and see where God will lead you from there. After all, the only thing you can change in this world is yourself.


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