Steve Jackson’s Bogeyman-He Was Every Parent’s Nightmare

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Jackson for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

Overview: We are taking a nightmarish trip through memory lane. Saddest fact, it’s true. We get to hear how David Elliot Penton, or as I will be–from here on out–referring to him: Dirtbag, was brought to justice for the murders of: Christi Meeks, Christie Porter, and Roxann Reyes. Mr. Jackson focuses more on the good and innocent and what they were doing rather than on the dirt bag.

Story Telling: This, in a way, reminded me of the show on Investigation Discovery: 48 Hours. It’s a little more than a look at the officers who went face-to-face with evil.

Likes: I liked the way that the detectives never quit looking for justice for the victims. It was also nice to run across someone who could see the side-effects these killings had on the investigators, as well as on the survivors, and the community as a whole.

Dislikes: I don’t understand how a dirt bag like this is allowed to keep breathing. And worse, his mother helped him with no questions asked. It was like she didn’t care what he did; he could do no wrong in her mind. She should be held as guilty as he is.

Just what does someone have to do before society will execute them? Before anyone asks where my empathy is, it’s where it belongs: on the victims, their loved ones, and those seeking justice. The killers don’t even make my Top 100 list, more like they make my Top $#&^ list.

Favorite Scene: I liked the part when Detectives Sweet and Bradshaw first met with the dirt bag. That one was good.

Conclusion: This should be required reading for those who are against the death penalty, as well as those who say there is no such thing as true evil. If one can picture in their mind what this dirt bag has done to these, and countless other, children, they too should willing to see him dead. After all, we must remember that if there is true evil in the world, then there must be true good as well. That would be the better thing to focus on.


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