Dean Koontz’s Velocity

Overview: Billy Wiles has a good reason for seeking the semi-reclusive life (a reclusive bartender just doesn’t sound right, does it?). He could’ve had his nice hideaway life if that freaking note hadn’t been found. Who wold be sick enough to leave an ultimatum like that? What is his/her purpose for such a game?

Story Telling: Mr. Koontz puts us right into the position of understanding why one might want to avoid the world. Billy seems desperate to keep to himself.

Likes: I my opinion, Billy did the right thing in handling the problems that invited themselves into his life. This was really a no-win situation. No one could have asked more of Billy, but you could have easily expected much less. His devotion to Barbara is very admirable.

Dislikes: Barbara’s doctor was my biggest problem. How can anyone think that they have the right to deem who lives, and who dies? It’s the same problem I have with the killers.

Favorite Scenes: My favorite parts were the way Billy handled Barbara’s doctor, his visit with Ivy, and when he brought Barbara home.

Conclusion: I rather liked this book. Billy was an engaging man to follow. And his antagonism with the Sheriff was well-written.


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