Dan Burns’ No Turning Back: Stories.

I received this book for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Mr. Burns has delivered a collection of short stories in the tradition of Mr. Bradbury. Let’s get started, and see how he did.

“Come Out, Wherever You Are”

Overview: Verne is a former Mayor who just wanted some peace and quiet. He just wasn’t expecting it to be this quiet.

Story Telling: This seemed to be just the beginning of a novel.

Likes: The whole idea was intriguing. If the very media so may trust with all their information was to turn on us, what would happen?

Dislikes: Other than the fact the story felt incomplete, I didn’t like the fact that all of Verne’s friends turned against him so quickly.

Conclusion: I liked it. Be careful what you wish for.

“At The End of The Day”

Overview: Ah, young love, sort of. Jeremy, an actor has fallen for his publicist, Jen. It appears the feeling is mutual.

Story Telling: I don’t remember ever reading any story told like this one. Yes, Dracula did something similar, but that was told through letters. This was an alternating first person between Jeremy and Jen.

Likes: It was such a sweet tale. I liked how well we go into each of the characters’ heads.

Dislikes: I didn’t like Jeremy’s fate. Though it would have changed the point of the story otherwise.

Conclusion: It was pretty good. Live each day as it comes, and just because you are healthy, remember accidents happen.

“Out of Touch”

Overview: If you could try for you high school sweetheart at your reunion, would you go for it? I’m sure Tom wishes he had reconsidered.

Story Telling: This one was cool. It’s like you’re eavesdropping on these people. Such a guilty pleasure.

Likes: Tom is a good man from what I’ve read. He has a great heart in order to even consider what he has in this story.

Conclusion: You really never know anyone. I liked it. Leave the past in the past.

“Letting Go”

Overview: On boy, old friends meeting up again as adults. Parsons and Drake just meeting up for coffee. Remind me never to join them.

Story Telling: Drake seems to be a laid back sort of person, until you read the notes that is. Parsons was too serious for his own good.

Likes: I liked Drake’s attitude. He was calm, patient, and willing to give out some good advice.

Dislikes: He was important to the story. I’ll agree to that one. But there is no reason to whine and blame others for you problems, Parsons.

Conclusion: The title says it all. Just let it go. It was a good read.

“The Dark Side”

Overview: Question time. What happens on the dark side of the moon? Bobby is about to find out. I don’t think he is going to like it.

Story Telling: This was another dialogue story. Picture yourself in the darkest room you can think of, and the only company you get is someone asking you to remember.

Likes: It was interesting to see what the moon might be used for, bet it’s cold there too. Hope he brought a jacket.

Dislikes: Here’s the thing. I like to connect with the characters that I’m reading about. Neither Max nor Bobby were able to make me feel for them. Bobby, because of his attitude. And Max, because he gave no hope.

Conclusion: This wasn’t one of my favorite stories. It was too dark for me.

“For a Few Laughs”

Overview: A former President has been asked to meet up with the Supreme leader of Iran (with whom he has a mutual hatred) to gain the release of American hostages. The question is: what’s the catch?

Likes: This was quite an enjoyable read. Our nameless former President was pleasantly surprised at the end.

Conclusion: This one is so far leading the charge on my favorite of the collection. Appearances can be deceiving.

“Adios Amigo”

Overview: This was freaking wrong. A travel story with a twist. Poor Al.

Likes: Totally funny. But so…so wrong.

Conclusion: I’m never getting on an airplane. (Well, there are some people I would suffer for, if I had a chance to meet ‘em)

“An Unexpected Guest”

Overview: I’m jealous. Meeting up with Mr. Ray Bradbury would be the best day ever, or close.

Likes: This is a situation I want to be in.

Conclusion: This was a great story. I enjoyed it. It may be one that inspires me.

“The Pass”

Overview: Do we only get one chance to make a difference in somebody’s life? That’s what Rick Bradley is wondering after a couple of accidents.

Likes: This story went smoothly, if not a little slowly at points. Mr. Burns really hit the feelings a parent has when their child is hurt and they are unable to help.

Conclusion: It’s a beautiful story. One that argues for divine providence. I was left with a question, whatever happened to the bobber?

“No Turning Back”

Overview: Tommy Sanders is much like any other eighteen year old. Ten feet tall and bullet proof. Of course when his platoon gets called to action, he doesn’t feel as invincible.

Likes: This is a great way to remind yourself that soldiers are human. That they have fears and concerns, that they are not just killing machines. It should be an eye opening experience.

Conclusion: I like it and felt like it’s very important to all of those who think that anyone likes war.

Overall Conclusion: This is one author that I’ll be watching. Out of ten stories, only one was bad for me. No I haven’t been able to decide if “For a Few Laughs” or “An Unexpected Guest” was my favorite. So I flipped a coin, best two out of three. It landed on “For a Few Laughs.” Just one more flip, you know just for confirmation, and it lands on…“An Unexpected Guest.” The coin and I agree, it’s a draw. Happy reading, you might want to keep your eyes on Mr. Burns.


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