Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas-Odd Thomas 1

Overview: Odd Thomas has a simple plan. Start as a fry cook, move up to tire sales, and marry the love of his life: Stormy Llewellyn. Want to know the really weird thing? He’s haunted by the dead, and something more terrifying–bodachs. Why are so many bodachs arriving in Pico Mundo? And who is the man they seem to be following? By the way, just what is a bodach?

Story Telling: Mr. Koontz wrote a pretty neat character. Odd tries to tell the story as a pseudo-memoir. Half the time you aren’t sure if who Odd sees is alive or is just waiting to cross over.

Likes: Odd held a desperation to his words. Many phrases were repeated, and it lent a frantic note at the climax. Odd and Stormy’s relationship was sprinkled with humor. Oh, and one name: Elvis.

Dislikes: The only thing that bothered me was that not all of the good guys won this time.

Favorite Scene: My favorite parts here were most of the conversations between Odd and Stormy. Chief Porter’s bar-b-cue party was cool. And let’s not forget Little Ozzie’s exploded cow. That was worth the time it took to read the book.

Conclusion: This was a great story. Odd’s skills with the dead wasn’t allowed to bring the story into a depressing tone. I’m looking forward to what happens next in Odd’s life. Good thing I’ve got the next two books ready to go. Just got to find the time.


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