George Langelett’s How Do I Keep My Employees Motivated?

I received this book courtesy of Dr. Langelett for a fair and honest review.

Overview: Dr. Langelett has had enough of the status quo of management. Enough of the people being treated like cogs in the machine. It’s about time someone has. This book is to help change that status quo.

Story Telling: Dr. Langelett definitely wanted to have all his notes in order. The bibliography was well ordered, and located right after the appendices. We also have a workbook. As well, he took time to ensure that the professional lingo was easily understood by the layman.

Likes: The lingo was well understood. It’s nice to find someone else that’s saying you should treat people like people. That they aren’t machines designed to accomplish just one job.

Dislikes: The only bad thing is how dry the reading was. Such is the lot with books of this type however. Dr. Langelett kept it from being too technical.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part of this book is the fact that Dr. Langelett is willing to offer any extra help for the managers who want, or needs, extra help gaining empathy.

Conclusion: It’s a great and helpful book. It will also work in the family. The parents are managers of the household; this will just help them make the home a sanctuary. We all need to remember to treat each other as human. It was one of the reasons God laid the laws down for our benefit. Now we see just how important it is to do so.


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