Michael Whitworth’s Bethlehem Road: A Guide to Ruth

I received this book or a fair and honest review.

Overview: In this commentary on the book of Ruth, Pastor Whitworth seeks to show us how Ruth’s story has applicable wisdom for today’s age.

Story Telling: The book’s grammar and style were consistent. There is an abbreviations’ list and footnotes to aid in your studies.

Likes: I appreciate the fact Pastor Whitworth was willing to go to the Old Testament. Even more admirable is the fact that he looked into the Books of Moses.

Dislikes: Here’re my problems. First, I believe the abbreviations’ list was placed in the wrong spot. It’s located at the end of the book. Secondly, I don’t see the Book of Ruth as a love story. It’s more of a story of the second redeemer. God asks for two to three witnesses, He/Jesus is one, and Boaz was the other. If you look at the story in this light, the so-called provocative scenes lose a lot of water, and it makes more sense. Also it would have made more sense if Pastor Whitworth stuck with one version of the Bible. I understand not everyone likes the King James, but that’s no reason to not go for uniformity.

Favorite Scene: My favorite part of the commentary is the fact that the Old Testament was strongly referenced.

Conclusion: This commentary can get you looking into the Old Testament. Just use the Old and New Testaments to get full understanding of the books of the Bible, and not what any man believes. After all, so far only one has come back to Earth after death.


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