Dean Koontz’s From the Corner of His Eye

Overview: On one momentous day in 1965, three endings and three beginnings conspire to bring two families and two individuals to a small town in California. What’s to happen in that small town, is anyone’s guess.

Story Telling: Mr. Koontz wrote a different kind of bad guy this time around. He has great monstrous creatures, and his psychopaths are usually creepy. This is the first time I’ve dealt with a cry baby. I held no sympathy for him.

Likes: My favorite characters here were Paul Damascus, and Detective Thomas Vanadium. (A very interesting name.) Paul was a strong man. It takes a special type of person to marry a disabled woman. Even at that point, it takes an even more special man to stay loyal to her even when temptation had to be knocking.

Tom Vanadium(living up to the meaning of his name) was just a fun character to follow. His interactions with children, as well as the innocent seemed like a trusted mentor at the farthest point, and a rock to lean on at the worst of times.

Dislikes: We spent just too much time with Junior for my tastes. Like I said, he was a whiner, and he got on my nerves.

Favorite scenes: My favorite parts to this was Tom’s…um…psychological warfare. I can’t say too much here. It will ruin your enjoyment. Agnes’s visit with Obadiah was a charming scene as well. Celestina’s decision over Angel was both brave and honorable.

Conclusion: This is why Mr. Koontz is known for his hopeful stories. Some of the science might intrigue you, and it was written in a way as not to ruin the story of confusing the reader. I enjoyed it (except for Junior).


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