Burr B. Anderson’s High Seas Darkness

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Anderson for a fair and honest review.

Say “howdy” to Brick Morgan, owner of Morgan Maritime Investigations. His job is to investigate crimes that take place on cruise ships. After investigating a rape on the Matisse Under the Stars, he becomes embroiled in unraveling a terrorist plot.

This was a pretty good story. But it is difficult to read. Mr. Anderson transliterated many foreign words, then he translated them. Case in point: Raju, the deputy security officer, quotes the motto of the Ghurkhas’ Fourth Rifle Regiment frequently. And every time Mr. Anderson used both the Indian and English versions of the quote. This is only truly necessary for the first time. I would’ve just stuck with English thereafter.

My favorite characters were Raju (don’t laugh, I got a good reason), Kryss and his partner Nathan. Nathan and Kryss really didn’t have much screen time, but they had the strongest characters. Raju’s threats with the main office of the Nobility lines makes sense, but I’ll get to that in the next paragraph. He had great integrity and honor, willing to do the right thing for the right reasons. I think he should have been the hero.

Yvette was my biggest problem, this is also why I understand Raju most of all. She should have talked to him long before she assumed that he just didn’t want to report to a woman. This, I believe, comes from her attitude. She had an attitude of “respect me, then I’ll respect you.” This is a bit backwards. You give respect to get respect. She also seemed determined to make Raju’s life miserable, and for no real cause. Just because she was a little perturbed by him.

Brick kind of freaked me out. He seemed willing to ignore common decency in order to get the job done. But, I never really liked those who believe that the ends justify the means. It’s a slippery slope. To enforce the law, you should keep the law.

Like I said, this book is good. I’d advise that you reads it just for Raju, Kryss, and Nathan. Oh, and read it silently. It’ll be easier to read that way.

Okay Mr. Anderson: in your next book, Raju is the hero.


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