Dean Koontz’s The Taking

Molly Sloan is having a bad night. It’s during one of her insomnia spells, that the oddest of rains start coming down. That’s just a portent of worse things to come.

This story of Mr. Koontz’s had an odd sense of timing. At certain points it seemed to drag on and on, at other times it seemed to rush through the situation. There wasn’t much in the way of hope during the middle of the novel, unlike other works in Mr. Koontz’s portfolio. Of course, it was dealing with an invasion of a sort so hope was a hard commodity to find–or keep a hold on.

My favorite scenes were the opening scene with the coyotes, and what the place looked like after the final storm.

This one may not be to everyone’s tastes. It offers more to Christians that they probably realize. I enjoyed it, and I hope you do as well.


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