Bradford G. Wheler’s Inca’s Death Cave

I received this book courtesy of Mr. Wheler for a fair and honest review.

Professor Robert Johnson and his star graduate student, Abbey Summers, have been offered almost any archeologist would jump at. They’ve been hired by an archeology buff with near unlimited funds to find a fabled lost city of the Incan Empire.

This held so much promise. I was looking forward to something out of “Indiana Jones;” hopefully without the Nazis, though. There just seemed to be a strange absence of any archeology field work. There was a lot of the preparatory book work. I personally enjoy book work, it just does not make for very exciting reading. That, and the novel seemed like an early draft, making for a rough read.

Then, there was the issue of how the main story items got parceled out. We could have seen a lot more about the characters if the information came out in the conversations. Expanding the team meetings would have worked like a dream, better even. This, I believe, is due to the fact that this is Mr. Wheler’s first fictional book.

My favorite scene had to be Abbey’s birthday party. I might not work for Walter, but I have to admit he knew how to work with people as well as how to encourage them.

It’s a good idea for a story. I hope Mr. Wheler gets stronger with the second one.


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