Michael Connelly’s The Fifth Witness-Mickey Haller: The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Haller, Mickey, is in a bit of a bind. For a defense attorney, the recession means more people are going to the public defenders office. But, civil law, specifically foreclosure law, is a good way to pay the bills. All of this changes when one of his foreclosure clients is charged with murdering the head of the home loan department of the bank, Mickey thinks he has a good case. After all, how does a 5’3” woman knock a 6’2” man on the top of his head.

I must say that Mickey gets a bad rap. Our Constitution does not say that only the innocent, or likable, have the right to a fair and vigorous defense. If you want to get technical, it’s not even written that way in the Bill of Rights, though that is the basis. In a perfect world the innocent would always got free, while the guilty would always be convicted. The story wrapped up nicely. There weren’t any holes that I could make out. Mr. Connelly wrote a compelling novel.

My favorite scene was when Mickey and Hayley were out for pancakes.

I liked the story, though it’s not really something I would re-read.


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