Rebecca Crosdale’s When a Spider Came to Stay-The Spider in My Den Series 2

I received this book courtesy of Mrs. Crosdale for the purpose of a fair and honest review.

The book is about a little girl who is fascinated with the spider in her house. (Something has to be wrong with her.)

The story seems more geared to children up to the second grade level. Some of the words are a bit bigger than what would be included in a ‘first reader,’ though it seems Mrs. Crosdale truly wishes to book to help explain some of the differences around us and the different people we’ll meet.

There is a questionnaire included in the book that is designed to encourage discussion between the parent and child, or–in the case of early school lessons–teacher and child.

My favorite part was the fact that Mrs. Crosdale was encouraging parents to take interest in their child’s education.

All-in-all, it’s a good book for a parent to read to a child of any primary age and talk about.


One thought on “Rebecca Crosdale’s When a Spider Came to Stay-The Spider in My Den Series 2

  1. I know of a lot of girls and boys who are terrified by spiders but have to agree with you a girl who is fascinated by them is different. Having a questionnaire in the book is certainly different and would be a cause for a general discussion between parents and children or teachers and children.
    The intention for our site Mudpile wood is to encourage reading and I have to admit it seems to be a dying art form with audio books, TV and computers children are reading less and less.


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