Tom Tatum’s If Tigers Were Angels, With God All Things are Possible

Ben Taylor has quite a few regrets. Even though he lucked out in marrying his childhood sweetheart, he has ignored the special times with his family in favor of climbing the corporate ladder. He’s missed out on special days with his children. And now, his life doesn’t feel as satisfying as he would hope. Andy, his next door neighbor, has a secret that will change everything.

This was an interesting story. Ben is just the average workaholic. This attitude always gives a lot of regrets. Let’s face it, the job won’t be there for you. His choices aren’t what I personally would have chosen, but he seemed happy with them. Case in point, when he is making a life-altering decision. I wouldn’t decide such things on my own. This was a decision that needed to be discussed. Of course, Grace was a bit closed off at that moment.

My favorite part here was the whole idea that Jesus can reach us through our chosen mediums. It fills me with hope, because it makes it so that Jesus really can’t be cut out of the world. My favorite scenes were where Ben was playing ball with the children. That and when Ben and Jason were reconciled.

I found that Mr. Tatum’s story telling improved greatly when it came to “On Green Diamonds.” But you can see the seeds of that work, all throughout “If Tigers Were Angels.” It’s my belief that you don’t need to go into the ministry in order to Spread The Word. Many do so without even trying. It was a good story, and I think you’ll enjoy it.


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