Juliet Blackwell’s Murder on the House – Haunted Home Renovations 3

Mel thinks she has hit on a perfect job for a ghost talking general contractor. The Propaks are looking to turn a supposedly hunted house into a hunter bed and breakfast. The catch is her competitor, Avery Builders, is after the same job. What’s a girl to do? Especially after a murder takes place on the premises.

Mel’s attitude is showing some evidence of just being a shield against the world. The chinks started showing when Caleb was injured. Luz, rhymes with juice, had a chance to face her fears, not that she could beat them. Stephen even tried to be a brave protector. But my favorite scene was when Mel found out how she’d been tapped as a potential candidate for the renovation.

It was a great story. Though I have to say, Mel really needs to find a better name for Dog. And more time for Graham!

Maybe soon Mel will realize that she is her father’s little lady, still in need of protection. If she doesn’t want ‘daddy’ looking after her maybe she should consider her options.

One last comment; if Mrs. Blackwell is taking requests for Dog’s new name, might I suggest “Foreman.”


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