Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart-The Reckoners 1

Welcome to the Fractured States, a place where super-powered humans–called Epics–have taken over cities and like those without their powers are nothing but ants. The Reckoners would like to disagree. it’s a grudge-match ten years in the making, literally a David VS Goliath story. Only our Goliath goes by Steelheart.

For most of the storyline there was one major “truth” that there is no good Epic, and the “belief” that it is just a matter of time before a good Epic comes on the scene. David was an understandable guy, even if he was a revenge-obsessed, single-minded teenager.

I really enjoyed the story Megan’s questioning of the goal to kill Steelheart was perfect in making David view all sides of his goal. Cody was one of my favorite characters. The banter he provides a great way to lighten the mood.

If you like superhero stories, this one definitely turns the idea over, but you should read it anyway. A most excellent read.


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