Dean Koontz’s The Funhouse

This was a spooky one. Mr. Koontz takes us into a rather strict family. We have the mother, Ellen, a woman who has turned into a drunken religious fanatic in order to hide from her past, a lawyer father, Joey, a ten-year-old prankster, and Amy, the artist about to go to college. Amy and Joey meet Ellen’s past when they got to the carnival.

The story was very suspenseful, but it fell short of Mr. Koontz’s great stories because of Amy. I don’t think the girl had any backbone when it came to her mother or friends. Joey was a cool little brother, though I believe that the whole family would’ve be stronger if Ellen could’ve confided her fears to her husband.

The best part of the book for me was the showdown at the carnival.

While not one of Mr. Koontz’s better novels, it still pushes his happy endings.


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