Dean Koontz’s Fear Nothing-Moonlight Bay 1

We meet Chris Snow, a young man with a severe problem with the sun, and not the blood-sucking problem. Along with his dog Orson, his best friend Bobby, and his girlfriend Sasha, he sets out to find out what has happened to his father’s body when it’s stolen from the morgue. In the process, he discovers a great secret about the town.

Now, I found this book to be a bit different from much of Mr. Koontz’s other works. It didn’t seem to be from the same author at times. Different doesn’t mean bad, the characters were quite strong, and the search for his father was believable. However, you should have both this and Seize the Night, it’s sequel, before you start this book.

My favorite scene was when Orson and Mungojerri were playing on Roosevelt Frost’s boat. It made up for the influx of vulgarity in this novel. Oh, and don’t blink when you read this one. You’ll miss a reference to ‘Watchers’ if you do.


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